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1. Message encryption

With the help of PGPTools you can encrypt any text message and send it in a single click in the way convenient for you (whether it is e-mail (e-mail), SMS, Skype, Jabber, ICQ, etc.). This will ensure the complete security of business negotiations or personal messages!

2. PGP keys generation

The application can generate individual PGP keys for each message, which further complicates the task of hacking. It is a perfect solution for transferring personal information, payment orders or any kinds of important (and not so important) data using e-mail, SMS, Skype, ICQ or any other way convenient for you.

3. Ease of operation

PGPTools was developed in a Spartan style. This means that you do not need to deal with a million options to use our product to the full extent! Simply launch the app, generate keys and send a message with a public key to the recipient!

4. Reliability!

Reliability of the application is primarily due to the encryption system, which was developed in 1991 and has not been hacked to date!

SJ Software Development Group Limited has been in the software market for over 5 years. During the existence of SJ IM product there was not a single case of correspondence hacking! So you don’t need to worry about the safety of your personal information.

Advantages of Our Application

  • Multiplatformity – at the moment there are apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It does not matter which system your partner uses - with our program, he/she will be able to decrypt the message!
  • Encryption is provided by PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) – one of the most reliable methods of asymmetric encryption.
  • Possibility of using different PGP keys for each message.
  • Complete anonymity of message encryption and decryption!
  • Securing each pair of keys with a separate password.
  • Ability to import/export your keys.
  • PGPTools’ ease of use

Using PGPTools you can always be sure that your e-mail is read by the person who is supposed to get it!

It's simple, reliable and easy.

E-mail encryption

SMS encryption

Encryption of any text messages

Ease of use

Complete anonymity!

Convenient solution for your correspondence.

Priceless tool at

with 100% money-back guarantee.

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